How To Choose The Correct Illumination Methods For Your Home’s Shared Spaces

Illumination is as important as ventilation in your home. The correct methods will help you to perform the things that you need to do with ease and will make your home safer and more comfortable as well as pleasant for everyone. There can be different requirements for each room in a house though that you need to pay attention to. Here are some pointers on things that you need to consider when you plan out the illumination methods for the shared spaces in your home that will help to make it better. In this article we will be looking at adding illumination to areas like the foyer, stairways and halls.

Use your illumination to create a lasting first impression
These areas that we are talking about are the areas that will be available for anybody to see as they walk into the house. They are also often used areas in a home. Therefore, it is important that you use the bulbs and the fixtures to create a pleasant and positively lasting impression on people who live here and those who will visit you. Your foyer will be the first place that will create an impression in the mind of a visitor. You can get some good quality LED lights online and pair it up if possible, depending on your requirement, with fixtures like traditional chandeliers, close-to-ceiling fixtures and pendant fixtures that are very contemporary. You can also use some mirrors in order to make it feel like the foyer is alive and vibrant.

The size of the fixture must be proportionate with the space you have
Not every kind of fixture can be used in every kind of space. If you have a very small space for example, do not go for large chandeliers that will make the room look even smaller and claustrophobic. Instead use minimal fixtures that are paired with some good LED downlights Australia or some halogen bulbs. If you do have access to a rather large foyer, you can invest in a much bigger chandelier of fixture type. If your home has the facility of viewing the ground floor from upstairs use something attractive that will look good when seen from above.

Stairs must be safe and well illuminated
Hallways and stairways both need to be very well illuminated and safe at all times, if you do not want anybody to have accidents trying to get through in dimly lit up spaces. Use two way switches on your stairways so that the bulbs can be switched on from both above and below. Also make sure that the fixtures that you have used in these areas are ones that match up with the ones used in the foyer area.